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Industry Specialties

Shultz Huber & Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Shultz Huber & Associates, Inc., we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Our professional services include:


Your business success depends on more than just hard work and we can help your construction company stay competitive while providing you with the financial advice. We can assist you with your needs; from strategic business planning to tax compliance.


With an international network of professionals, the resources that we are able to offer you, the manufacturer, are endless. We can advise you on tax issues and consult you through inventory and production challenges so that you can expand your capacity within your existing resources.


The needs of the telecommunications industry are unique as well as complex. Within a sector that is used to much change, even in its highly regulated environment, we know that telecommunication businesses are seeking financial stability. Our professionals and our network connections can help you achieve your business and growth objectives through business planning and adherence to standards within the telecommunication requirements.


As you face long-term challenges, our professionals will assist you in your need for financing and business-critical review. You want to stay ahead of your competition and our professionals will help you find ways to maintain your profitability through tax planning and cost reduction strategies.


We appreciate the unique dynamics of the agriculture business. Located in Northwest Ohio, we understand the complex chain that links the grower to the consumer. We can help you navigate the financial and operational challenges that you face day-to-day by assisting you through tax services, business valuation and financial planning.


Whether you’re a growing franchisee or a mature franchisor, we can offer you the business-critical solutions that you seek by providing support for each specific need. This industry is complex with a wide range of businesses falling under the category of franchises; from food to fitness, personal services to retail, vacations to cleaning, and is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. We can assist you in the areas you need, including financial planning and organizational development.

Not For Profit

Our professionals are dedicated to serving you so that you may better serve those who are impacted by your mission. By working closely with your organization and fully understanding its goals, we can provide you with specialized advice to help you stay in compliance with tax and other regulations. We want to see you optimize your assets and improve your efficiency to create the financial sustainability that is essential for your organization.

Professional Service

Offering business financial planning, tax compliance and valuation services, we can help your firm or practice be successful. We can provide you with solutions to plan and manage the growth of your firm or practice.


Our team of professionals can help you develop responses to the ever-changing economy, while at the same time providing financial strategies to maximize your profitability. We recognize the competition that you face and can help you find new opportunities while meeting your financial needs.

Real Estate

Our team makes the effort to know about the trends, challenges and legislation that affects our real estate clients. We can aid you in making informed business decisions and identify opportunities that will have a financial impact on your company. Our professionals wish provide you with a clear vision of your business so that you can maximize the use of your resources.

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