Benefits of Having an HR Consultant on Retainer

May 29, 2024

Does your human resources department need occasional support? Perhaps you don’t have an in-house human resources department? An HR retainer may be the answer. A retainer allows your in-house HR team or management team to lead the way, while tapping into the knowledge and expertise of a specialized consultant as needed.

What are some of the advantages of partnering with an HR consultant on retainer?

  • Expand your resources without the time and expense associated with recruiting, hiring and retaining another employee
  • Keep your budget in check with a predictable monthly fee
  • Gain an outside perspective on sensitive, difficult or confusing matters
  • Your team has a dedicated resource at their fingertips

Shultz Huber & Associates is here to help. We offer affordable packages and scalable services, giving you the exact assistance you need, when you need it. Our team can support your HR team with a variety of services, including:

  • Handbook and policy recommendations
  • Labor & union relations and negotiations
  • Benefits consulting and administration
  • Recruitment and employment support
  • Training programs
  • Harassment investigations and training

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